We focus on providing generic and customised workshops for financial institutions and the banking industry. These courses could range from Treasury Management to Corporate Governance.

This exam preparation workshop focuses on the dealing activity within the treasury function. This Certificate is vitally important for treasury dealers from both banking and corporate treasuries. Duration    Descript

This exam preparation workshop focuses on the settlement or operational aspect of the treasury function. Operational staff from both bank and corporate treasuries would benefit from completing this certificate. Duration 

A complete money market workshop beginning with where the money market fits into the treasury environment and covering topics such as money market instruments, risk management, ALM, factors influencing interest rates, profit or loss on trading money

This program is aimed at new graduates, new entrants into the markets (front- , middle-, or back office) and support staff who deal with market practitioners (IT, internal audit, legal, accounting, compliance, personal assistants etc.)  Some of

The ACI Diploma builds on the ACI Dealing Certificate and the ACI Operations Certificate and is designed to ensure that candidates acquire a superior theoretical and practical knowledge of the foreign exchange and the money markets, their related ins

A very successful bonds course with topics ranging from theory to the very practical e.g. Types of bonds and pricing thereof, Yield curves, Risk Management, Calculating duration and convexity, Bond Repos etc. Duration 

What are derivative instruments, how are they priced, how are they are used, risk management, accounting and valuation. At the end of this workshop there will be very little that the delegates will not know for using derivatives in their local enviro

An extremely practical workshop covering both the math behind the various instruments as well as the efficient use of financial calculators. Topics covered include the Math of money market instruments, derivatives, bonds and forex.