The money market is often the most neglected of the various asset classes, and yet it is undoubtedly the most important. An understanding of what goes on in this sector serves as the foundation for an understanding of the various other sectors and asset classes.

This workshop is aimed at both current money market practitioners as well as new entrants into this market. It begins with where the money market fits into the treasury environment and covers the following topics:


·Money Market Instruments
·The math behind these instruments
·Nominal and effective interest rates
·Discount versus yield
·Break even analysis
·Holding period yield
·Horizon yield
·Risk Management
·Asset and Liability Management
·Factors influencing interest rates
·Yield curves
·Accounting for Money Market Instruments.

The course is workshop based. The delegates will be expected to complete a number of exercises and case studies.  A certificate of attendance will be issued.


For Enquiries about dates and prices, please contact Ike Phiri

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