Nowadays a basic understanding of math is insufficient to be truly successful in financial markets.  Market practitioners, be they dealers, treasurers, risk managers, admin managers, accountants, auditors, bankers or estate agents or anyone doing financial mathematics.  A sound knowledge and grounding in financial math will elevate one above competitors (and colleagues) who only have the basic concepts at their fingertips. Outline:

  • Basic functions of a financial calculator
  • Find, add, subtract, Percentage change, Margin and mark-up calculations
  • Using stored numbers, Arithmetic, Power operator, Parenthesis in calculations
  • Cash flows, interest (simple and compound), interest rates, TVM problems vs. cash flow problems
  • Using TVM, Begin and End modes, loan calculations, savings, lease and amortization calculations, Interest rate conversations.
  • Discounting, organizing and entering cash flows, Calculating Net present value and internal rate of return. 



This face- to- face workshop aims to give the delegates the skills and confidence to manage basic and complex financial mathematical calculations and situations and make proper use of a financial calculator.

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