The Financial Analysis workshop is a two-day course that is designed to equip attendees with a practical understanding of technical and basic fundamental analysis with the ability to successfully apply learned techniques.  On completion of the technical analysis module attendees should be able to successfully evaluate technical reports and charts, as well as be able to affect some primary analyses. The methodology is a structured approach that is process driven and ensures a larger degree of consistent success over time.   

The fundamental analysis module gives a conceptual overview and covers the important components necessary to perform fundamental analysis. Attendees will be able to use the content as a knowledge base to better understand and evaluate analysis reports. Further self-study and advanced courses can ensure proficiency in this field. 


The theory and building blocks of technical analysis

•Basic tenets and comparison to fundamental analysis
•Human behaviour- why technical analysis is effective
•Building blocks of technical analysis and how to apply them in successful combinations

Fundamental analysis principles

•Top down vs. Bottom up analysis
•Factors affecting company sustainability and profitability
•Profit drivers
•Ratio analysis as a product of financial statement research
•Practical application of techniques in a workshop format


Who should attend?

Ideally all financial market professionals (traders, analysts, asset/portfolio managers, brokers and wealth management consultants, individual investors and traders, IT-support and -developers, middle and back office treasury staff, private and personal bankers and people from structured and corporate finance.

For Enquiries about dates and prices, please contact Ike Phiri

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